Brittany Styles

NuYou Program(s): Fast 800, Fast 1000 & Pronto
Date Started: February 28, 2017     
Date Hit Goal Weight: October 27, 2017

Total Pounds Lost: 80
Inches Lost: 85

Why did you come to NuYou?

I had seen a couple of friends lose weight on the NuYou programs, and I was curious. After my first consultation, I was not ready to commit, but I was definitely considering it. After suffering a traumatic brain injury in January of 2017, I realized that I had been given a second chance at life and I was not going to waste it. It was time to make a change. So, I went back to NuYou and started the program!

How has the weight loss impacted your self-esteem?

I’m a new woman! I am wearing clothes that actually fit my body. I’m showing off curves that I have now, and I feel pretty again! Shopping for clothes is actually fun! When I reach for clothing items off the rack, my first reaction is still to reach for the big size that I used to wear. I was a size XXL shirt and a size 18 pants. I’m now wearing a size Medium shirt and a size 8/10 pants! It still blows my mind sometimes!

Has your weight loss impacted your family and/or community life?

I have had so much support from my friends and family. That has helped a lot. And it has been great for my momentum. The more people notice the weight loss, the more it makes you feel great about your accomplishment! It is a constant reminder of how much work I did to get here, and how worth it this has been! I got my life back!

Has your weight loss improved your health or activity levels?

I have so much more energy now! I used to take a lot of naps, I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs or bend over to tie my shoes without getting winded. Everything is different now and I feel amazing.

Do you look better and/or feel better?

In my opinion, I look much better. I definitely feel better! I feel healthy. That is my number one priority! 


It’s amazing how much we ignore ourselves. I had gained over 80 pounds in 13 years. I knew it, but I didn’t acknowledge it. I kept buying bigger clothes, I kept making excuses. I felt terrible most of the time. I had a lot of health problems.

I met the love of my life in October of 2015. I was the heaviest I had ever been. Somehow, this incredible man loved me for who I was even though I wasn’t skinny. So, that was yet another excuse. But then something happened. Just 12 hours after that man proposed to me, I suffered a traumatic brain injury on January 22, 2017. And I survived. I was given a second chance at life. After getting through the therapy, and making it to the point that I was cleared by doctors to start a weight loss program, I decided it was time to make the commitment to changing my life for the better. Although I’m still recovering from my accident, my lifestyle change has only improved my life and has added positivity to my healing process.

I started the program with NuYou on February 28, 2017. Because of the injury, we went a little less aggressive to start. I started with the Fast 1000. It was incredible how quickly the weight was coming off. As the weight was coming off, it was exciting and motivating. It was actually working! All of the other diets and quick fixes I had tried before had always failed. Low carb, cutting carbs, etc. None of those worked for me. But this was working! I was also getting ready for my wedding, so I wanted the weight off before October 14th! So, eventually we switched to the Fast 800 and even tried the Pronto program as we were getting closer to the big day. Through the whole process, I was also battling different medications for the brain injury and that was a whole other hurdle. But I kept going and Alex, Anna, and the staff at NuYou were my cheerleaders. They listened, they were helpful, and we got through it together!

Everyone has their own personal struggles. Nobody ever said this was going to be easy. But, at times it felt easy. When people started noticing the weight loss and making comments and giving me compliments, that was even more fuel for my fire! It kept me striving for that goal! I wanted the old Brittany back. I wanted to feel good again. I wanted to look good in my clothes again. Pretty soon, I found myself putting on my clothes and they were too big. So, luckily I had kept quite a few old clothes from my “skinny days” and I pulled those out. And those were starting to fit. Pretty soon, those clothes were too big! And before I knew it, I had to purchase a whole new wardrobe! How exciting is that?!

As of October 27, 2017 I hit my original goal of 76 pounds lost. I went a little further, and I have lost a total of 80 pounds and 85 inches. Another great part about this program is that it keeps you healthy by supporting your muscle mass. That is so important for us women as we get older. I only lost 3 pounds of muscle total on this journey! That’s incredible! At my heaviest, I was wearing a size 18 pants/dress and now I’m wearing an 8/10. I was a XXL shirt size and now I wear a size Medium! I love shopping for clothes and I love how I look in clothing again. It’s fun getting dressed in the morning!

I am now in the calorie adjustment phase of the maintenance program at NuYou. I’m looking forward to starting a work out routine and maintaining my weight loss. I may decide to lose a few more pounds, but for now I’m content! It’s always going to be work. I will always have to be mindful and stay on top of my health and wellness. But, one thing I do know is that I’m never going back to the unhealthy Brittany. Never again. And now that I’m healthy, I can hopefully be around a lot longer to enjoy life with my husband. Thank you NuYou for helping me get my life back!

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