Frequently Asked Questions

The cost is a function of the actual program that is best for the client, the amount of time needed (ie some programs are 2 pounds a week, some are 3 etc)…the food selections etc. The free consult allows us to collect the information needed to provide a specific answer.

No. You are welcome to purchase our products in the center or on our website. Clients do get customer specific discounts that are not offered to the public.

Keep you counselor informed of any health concerns you have during you program. Should you be medically unable to continue your program due to pregnancy or other medical concern, simply provide us a copy of a letter from your primary medical physician describing the situation. We will put your program on hold and save any unused time for you until you are able to resume your program.

No, exercise is not specifically required with our programs. In fact, if you have not been exercising prior to beginning your program, we will recommend you wait a few weeks to allow your body to adjust to the caloric level of your program. If you wish to exercise or regularly exercise, discuss the duration and intensity with the center physician or counselors to see if you program should be adjusted to allow more calories or carbohydrates, etc. We will strongly encourage you to exercise in maintenance to help keep off the weight you worked hard to lose.

Our programs are designed to be protein sparing or muscle retaining. Muscle loss is a commonly occurs with weight loss. You have likely seen someone who has lost a lot of weight and had very saggy skin as a result. It doesn’t look healthy and it isn’t. At NuYou Weight Loss and More our programs are designed to give you the protein necessary to maintain muscle during weight loss.  You’ll notice the difference in our clients. Even after 100 pounds of weight loss they won’t look saggy and their metabolism will reflect the muscle maintenance.

Not at all. Most people liken it to laying down with a heating pad on.

There is no down time. You can actually do the treatment on your lunch hour and go right back to work!

Yes. A minimum of 20 minutes of aerobic activity is recommended after each 30 minute laser lipo session to help the fat that has been released in your treatment leave your body. This will happen through urination. Drinking extra water after your treatment is also recommended to help this process along.

Your body needs this time to remove the excess fat that is released in your treatment. If we don’t allow time between treatments you will not achieve the maximum benefit. 

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