Megan Schollmier

The thing I enjoy most about NuYou was the ease of the programs with the proper education from the wonderful staff. The staff are always willing to listen and give you suggestions if you are struggling. They are also very committed to making sure you feel a sense of achievement after you start losing. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 pounds to lose or 100 pounds, they give support and encouragement throughout your program.

I feel like a totally different person already and I have only been on my program about 3 weeks. Losing the 15.5 pounds and 10 ¾ inches that I have up to this point has made me feel so much better about myself both inside and outside. My self-esteem and attitude have improved tremendously. I am excited to see how I look and feel once I reach my goal.

My sister had made the statement “She looks and sounds like the old Megan that I am used to” and I could have almost cried. My weight has made a very big impact in both my relationship with my family and my significant other, I feel more like going to family events and functions because I feel good about how I look and enjoy hearing comments about my hard work with the weight loss. I feel like I am more appealing and attractive to my significant other. He has been very supportive of my weight loss journey thus far, which helps me to stay on track and gives me inspiration to keep going.

My chronic lower back pain has improved significantly as I am working towards my weight loss goal. This is the main reason why I started my weight loss journey with NuYou because I had to get the weight off in order to have major back surgery. I wanted to be able to achieve this in a timely manner. There were days that I couldn’t even get out of bed because I was experiencing so much pain and did not have any energy. I don’t experience the intense break through lower back pain that I was experiencing before. My energy level and mood have also improved dramatically. I am more than willing to go to activities and make plans to go out and do things with important people in my life.

My weight loss experience thus far at NuYou compared to the past is that you are able to see results right away. I would lose a few pounds before and then be at a plateau and get discouraged and quit. As long as you stay on track and follow your program religiously, you will see results. When you see results right away, it will inspire you to keep going. Each individual is different and the staff will tailor a program to fit your individual needs. Once you are into your program if you are having difficulty, they will trouble shoot and try some different strategies to get your body back on track to your weight loss goal. I am so happy that I joined NuYou!