Football Games and Dieting

Catch these tips for great-tasting, healthy snacks and foods that won’t completely fumble away your diet progress. Then be sure to stick around for the post-game stats on the “bad foods” you tackled during your last football binge.

Why Measure Body Fat

Weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health. To distinguish between pounds that come from body fat and those that come from lean body mass or muscle you need to measure them to determine fitness. Carrying too much fat is a condition called obesity, and puts you at risk for many serious medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes and even certain forms of cancer. In fact, obesity contributes to at least half the chronic diseases in western society today.

Cold Weather Workouts

Don’t let chilly days stand in the way of getting or staying in shape. Each of these walk-anywhere workouts will have you looking forward to exercising and keep you feeling great all winter long. Try one up to three times a week, and don’t forget your Nutritional Supplement pre or post work out.

Top 20 Psychological Blocks to Weight Loss

Learning to become healthier and to lose weight is not just about changing your lifestyle. It is also about changing your thinking. The psychological factors play an enormous role in your ability to lose weight and successfully keep that loss. It is not enough to eat healthier. You must think healthier, too

Weight Loss Tips

If you find it difficult to make the drastic lifestyle changes or you aren’t quite ready to join a weight loss program, try a few of these smaller, yet very effective, weight loss tips. Small changes in your day can make big progress on the scale.