Brooke M.

Brooke M.

Pounds Lost: 87 pounds  Inches Lost: 93 inches

 “I am more confident in my own skin, and my smile couldn’t be bigger.

Why did you come to NuYou?

I came to Nu You because my weight constantly yo-yo’d. I tried A LOT of things, the gym, CrossFit, various protein shake diets, “magic” pills, and nothing stuck I would lose 40lbs, be happy with myself and go back to old habits, gain 50; lose 60lbs, be ecstatic that “I did it!” and relapse by gaining 80. I never won the game. I came into Nu You the year before I started my program for a free consultation looking for a quick fix. I didn’t want to invest time and commit everything I have to myself, I wanted what all health and beauty social media spat out at me “You can be skinny too in a couple months if you do X, Y, Z”. The second time I went to Nu You, I was heavier than the first and ready to do whatever they told me because I was truly done with not feeling comfortable in my own skin and clearly what I was trying was not working. Ashley made a good point that stuck with me at my consultation. If I would’ve started my program a year ago I would be where I wanted to be right now and also that it took years for the weight to creep on, it was going to take more than a handful of month to go back to being comfortable, confident, and happy in my body.

What did you enjoy most about NuYou?

When I was shown the playbook and the Carb Cure 1000 program I was overwhelmed by all the mechanics but after figuring out what works best for me it worked wonders! I really enjoyed how much food I actually could eat! I was eating more food on the Carb Cure 1000 program than I was before starting my program. I enjoyed the fact that I wasn’t hungry anymore after eating a solid meal, I have energy now, I don’t have to take a nap after a long day because I was exhausted from work or the fact that what I was eating was garbage. While on the program it was A LOT of vegetables, I got creative with my food, and started posting pictures on my SnapChat story to hold myself accountable. I also love that I was able to swap better foods for what I was eating before and follow the program but feel ike I was “cheating”. Examples of these foods are hamburgers with a lettuce wrap, sweet potato fries, popcorn, and program friendly chocolate! I also have a lot of energy! I liked that I could come into Nu You and have someone that would show me tips and tricks to really make the program work best for me. The team wouldn’t put me down if I came in and said I had a bad week either. It was better to show them what I ate then hide it and have them wonder why I gained a few pounds back. There was no shame shown when you gained a little only suggestions on how to still have those “guilty pleasures” by replacing them with something program friendly.

How has weight loss impacted your self-esteem?

I am more confident in my own skin. If you watch my weight loss reel my smile gets a little bigger, I put on cuter clothes, and my body language screams confident by the end. I don’t feel like I have to hide in the back of photos anymore because ‘Tm the tall person, I should be in back”. I am, in fact, NOT “the tall person” but that’s what I would say and no one would argue. I don’t feel ashamed of my body and taking hours to try to find a cute outfit in my closet because there were a bunch of things I was slowly growing out of that I would put on and then put back into the closet because I “might” fit back into these one day if! lost the weight. Right now I have a purged closet and I am looking for cute and fashionable clothes to fill it with.

Has your weight loss impacted your family and/or community life?

I post my food on social media and a lot of people will say that they wish they could cook or put out food that looks as yummy as mine. At work a few close co-workers have called me “skinny bitch” (bitch part being with good intent because I can be a bit sassy and we have a good enough relationship that I don’t take said word personally) which is comical to me because there was no way I would have ever thought 1 would get that nickname. My close family and friends are proud of all that I have accomplished on my weight loss journey. My boyfriend has been my rock throughout the whole program, listening to my whining of how much work and commitment I had to put into the program in order to succeed. He would boost my confidence when it was waning by saying look how far you’ve come,you can do this, what do you need me to do to help you right now, is that ice cream really apart of your program and what can we swap it with instead. In the beginning of the program I told him there would be times that he would have to be stern with me and tell me the black and white of everything and he really pulled through on his end. I would not have gotten to my goal two weeks before the actual end date if he wasn’t there cheering me on.

Do you look better and/or feel better?

I feel wonderful now! I don’t feel self conscious when having my photo taken. I can go shopping for clothes and not feel stressed that they might not have a size big enough for me instead I have so many more options for places to shop. I am sleeping soundly and no longer keeping my boyfriend awake with my snoring because the snoring has stopped. I have a lot of energy because I’m fueling my body with the right kinds of foods rather than the junk and/or lack of food I was feeding it before my program. I can run up a few flights of stairs without my knees cracking and still keep going where before I would’ve done one flight and be winded and sweaty. I am much more active than before, it was a TASK to talk myself into going to the gym, taking the dog for a walk, going to dance classes; whereas now I have the energy to put towards those things and they make me happy!

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