Vickie Bain

What brought me to the program:

  • Recommended by a good friend who already was having success
  • Dealing with depression about weight and life in general
  • Health issues included-high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high glucose
  • At the point of desperation to lose weight as soon as possible
  • Clothes no longer fit well
  • Concern about life with deteriorating health issues


There are many things that I like about the program:

  • Physician consultations
  • Variety of weight loss programs to suit my particular needs
  • One on one consulting as often during the week as I want
  • Blood pressure/heart rate checks weekly
  • Weekly vitamins at no extra cost
  • B12 vitamin injections available
  • Regular body measuring to track inches lost
  • Body comp analysis
  • Great tasting products
  • Did feel deprived due to the yummy treats
  • Before & after pictures
  • Convenient hours
  • Didn’t have to exercise to lose weight
  • Super sweet and friendly staff!!!
  • The positive outcomes now that I have reached goal are:
  • Improved disposition!
  • Improved libido!
  • Depression is gone!
  • Blood work numbers have dramatically improved!
  • Blood pressure is lower and meds have decreased!
  • Decreased appetite…get full much quicker!
  • Purging of clothing that is now too large!
  • Buying new clothes that are 3-4 sizes smaller!
  • Positive comments from co-workers, friends and family!
  • Weigh less than what my driver’s license states!
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