6 Dimensions of Wellness

6 Dimensions of Wellness

Health is like a puzzle!
The 6 wellness dimensions are like separate pieces that need to be fit together to make meaning.

Here are some points in the 6 dimensions of wellness and the key to happiness.

Maintaining a sound substantial body through regular exercise, proper nutrition, sleeping well and avoiding harmful habits.  Maintaining a consistent well-rounded exercise program & eating healthy foods are crucial to physical wellness.

  • Eat nutritious foods
  • Never skip meals or over-eat
  • WATER is essential for cleansing the body
  • Find an exercise that you enjoy
  • Ensure that you get regular medical check-ups
  • Sleep at least 7 un-interrupted hours nightly

Being able to engage in lively interaction with the world around you.  The intellect is about flexing the mind’s muscle and opening the mind.  One’s intellectual being is about continued learning, problem solving, processing and creativity.  Intellectual wellness involves connecting with others on a cerebral level.

  • Set realistic goals
  • Explore every opportunity with an open mind
  • Be aware of demands and expectations
  • Maintain a positive outlook

Being in touch with your emotional presence and being aware and comfortable with your own thoughts and feelings.  Emotional wellness relies on being able to express one’s thoughts and sensations and to be able to absorb those of others.

  • Have awareness and acceptance of strengths and shortcomings
  • Ability to handle stress or seek help if needed
  • Build strong communication networks

Social wellness is about relating, interacting and communicating well with others.  Social wellness is also about being comfortable in your own skin to be able to contribute and engage in a healthy living environment.  Including people in all aspects of our lives is tantamount to social wellness.

  • Increase ability to interact with others
  • Accept and understand diverse cultural norms
  • Build networks among different kinds of people
  • Adopt a positive self-image
  • Enhance your interpersonal communication skills

Surrounding yourself with a healthy work and living environment, free of hazards and focused on conservation of all natural resources. It also has to do with the role we play in bettering the environment and the environment in which we live in.  Environmental wellness is about respecting nature and your surroundings and in gaining personal fulfillment from our surroundings.

  • Choose a career that is consistent with personal values
  • Situate yourself in an environment that is consistent with your values
  • Develop functional/transferable skills

Having a sense that life is meaningful and has purpose.  Believing that we are guided in our journey.  Spiritual wellness is about embracing the meta-physical and reaching beyond the physical realm of existence and experiences.

  • Seek meaning and purpose in your life
  • Set your personal values & beliefs and live accordingly

A NuYou!

Wellness is key to the success of your program at NuYou.  We work with you to make sure all of your health dimensions are on track for you to succeed. For more information, make sure to talk with your coach at the clinic.