Becky K.

Becky K.

Pounds Lost: 15 pounds  Inches Lost: 28.25 inches

 “I look and feel great! I am back in my skinny jeans.”

Why did you come to NuYou?

I had seen others have success with NuYou and was ready for a lifestyle change in relation to food and my overall health.

What did you enjoy most about NuYou?

The support I received each week when I came in for weigh-in. The team at NuYou is amazing. 

How has weight loss impacted your self-esteem?

Absolutely. I feel so confident in my body again.

Has your weight loss impacted your family and/or community life?

Absolutely. I have told everyone about the program and they see it works and notice the smile on my face. 

Has your weight loss improved your health or activity levels? 

I am back to running 2.5 to 4 miles a day.

Do you look better and/or feel better?

I look and feel great! I am back into my skinny jeans!! I am also running 2.5 to 4 miles a day. I am confident and so happy!