Success with a Friend

Success with a friend!

We strongly suggest that you bring your friends, family, and co-workers with you to the center. They, like you, can be on their way to a successful, healthy & much thinner lifestyle. In a study conducted by Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana by Professor David R. Black, research shows that a Diet Coach who boosts the dieter’s morale will actually help the dieter lose more weight than they could have alone.

Black, an associate professor in Purdue’s Department of Physical Education, Health and Recreation Studies, says his studies on male and female dieters show that those who with supportive partners lost up to 30% more weight during a 15 month period than those without a diet partner or coach. “There is an exciting implication here” says Black “It looks like it might be very valuable to focus on pairs of people when studying diet effectiveness.” Based on the weight-loss results & cost savings to couples, the findings may encourage many potential dieters to grab a partner before starting a new plan.

Black himself is reported as saying, “Observations made in twelve studies show us that there is an advantage for the person who is losing weight to involve their partner in their weight loss program.” Grab your husband, wife, friend, mother or acquaintance and head into NuYou to start your Medically Supervised or Non-Medical safe, yet aggressive and effective Weight Loss Program TODAY!

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