Visualizing a NuYou

Visualizing a NuYou

One of the most effective techniques for bridging the gap between mind and body is visualization. Visualization is a learning technique that has been proven to be very useful in accomplishing weight loss tasks. The idea is to, in your mind, picture yourself performing a task and/or activity to help overcome major barriers that frequently stand in the way of our weight loss goals.  Some benefits include:

  1. A positive atmosphere is created in which to perform an activity, you learn to say and believe “I can do this!”
  2. Both the mind and the body are involved in performing the activity, “Change your mind, change your body” theory.
  3. You’ll reduce the likelihood of self-sabotage and find it much easier to adopt healthy habits and stick with them for good.
  4. The mind is able to “fine-tune” the image of perfecting the activity before the body actually has to try it.

To be successful at weight loss, a very positive first step is to “think of yourself as a thin person”.   Focus on the mental image of yourself weighing what you want to weigh and wearing the size and style of clothing that you would like to wear.  Visualization can help change you into the person that you want to become.  To use visualization for weight loss, you simply have to create “little mental movies” about situations that you want to make true.  It’s important to note that visualization will be much more effective for you if you take time to become relaxed first.  If you are feeling stressed or tired, it will make it harder for you to concentrate, and your visualization sessions won’t be nearly as effective.  To get relaxed take five or ten minutes to sit quietly and release tension from your mind and body.  Breathe deeply and slowly, imagining that you are releasing stress and tension with every exhale. When you feel fully calmed and relaxed, then you can start with your visualization session.  Some helpful visualizations for weight loss could include;  

  1. Visualize the thin “NuYOU” going into your favorite department store and trying on clothes in the size you would like to be.  Pick the clothes off the rack, try them on, notice in the mirror how you look, how do you feel? Tell yourself how great it feels to be purchasing clothes in this size.
  2. Visualize the thin “NuYou” dining out at your favorite restaurant or at a party.  Choose the most healthy foods on the menu, control your portion sizes, limit your alcohol.  Notice how you are enjoying the socialization as much if not more than the food.
  3. Visualize the thin NuYou feeling so inspired and motivated that you can’t wait to start your workouts each day.  Imagine yourself feeling so great that you are glad that you did it. Notice that you are looking forward to your next workout.
  4. Visualize the thin NuYou preparing healthy meals and snacks.  Notice how great you feel because you know that you are fueling your body with wonderful nutrition.  
  5. Visualize the thin NuYou enjoying life.  Looking at food as a means to good health and providing your body with the proper nutrition and fuel that you need to maintain your healthy new weight.

If you are able to tune into true feelings of motivation during your visualization sessions, those feelings will stay with you, especially if you practice this technique daily.  Before long, you’re going to find that you are naturally more motivated about sticking to your “Nu” healthy lifestyle.  You will be programming your subconscious mind to thinking that these actions are enjoyable and easy! Your body will just lean in the direction of doing them naturally. You won’t have to push yourself as hard to do them anymore.

“Seeing is believing!”