Fight the Bulge this Holiday Season

Fight the Bulge this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again & the Holiday season is upon us….

Did you know that about 50% of Americans gain 5 to 7 pounds during the holiday season? It’s shocking, but true!  That’s about 500 extra calories each day from Thanksgiving to New Years. Just one slice of pie, 3 or 4 cookies, or even 2 brownies will add 500 calories to your diet. If you’re already struggling with your weight loss then this is the last thing you need.  We have all had those self-doubting thoughts and feelings at least once since November 1st.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are traditionally big “food and drink holidays”.  During the next two months, our days usually consist of being surrounded by family and friends and all of the seasonal favorites.  We find ourselves pulling out old family recipes that were passed down through different generations, but are loaded with calories.  We are getting together with friends and baking cookies, pies and other decadent treats all day.  It’s also getting a lot colder outside so we are starting to crave those warm comfort foods that we grew up on.  Knowing all of this has probably left you feeling a little anxious and maybe even doubtful that you’ll survive all of it.  But don’t despair, we have helpful tips to keep those pounds from creeping up on you.  Have faith because this year, you will beat the holiday bulge!

Eat Before the Party

Starving yourself before a party or big holiday dinner is a binge waiting to happen.  Even if you think you have a plan, it will never turn out well if you attend a party hungry.  If you eat a light breakfast and a light lunch or eat mini meals throughout the day, you’ll be less likely to binge at the buffet or give into your relatives when they insist that you have seconds or try a piece of every dessert.  If you are on a NuYou active weight loss program, you should eat normally throughout your day plus extra water before you go.

Distract Your Mouth

‘Tis the season of baked goods. Chew sugar free gum while baking goodies. It’s sweet and doesn’t have as many calories. During your program, you are allotted 3 pieces a day.  It will help keep your mouth busy. If you already have something in your mouth, you are far less likely to do any “mindless grabbing”. Take a small travel toothbrush and toothpaste with you to parties so you can brush after you eat. You’ll want to go freshen up anyways so a bathroom trip is necessary. Certain foods just don’t taste as good after you’ve brushed your teeth.

Keep Healthy Snacks Around

Whether at home or the office, always keep healthy snacks around, especially during the holiday season. There will most likely be other seasonal sweet treats, so be sure to have options. NuYou low calorie treats are a fantastic way to stay program compliant this season but still partake in the holiday goody sharing. At just 30 calories, they are considered “freebies” on every program and during maintenance so don’t worry about grabbing one or two when you’re craving something sweet.  In fact, the Curb Bite, a chocolate covered caramel, is loaded with Hoodia, which is a mild appetite suppressant and helps with any further cravings.  You could also bring apples, low-fat cheeses, cut up veggies and NuYou low calorie, high protein snack bars. We offer anything from delicious rice crispy treats to chocolate mint bars to salted toffee bars.  If you cut them up into smaller pieces, you would have plenty and would be sure to please anyone enjoying them with you. Even if you typically don’t, plan to eat a snack each day above and beyond your required foods. This reduces cravings and the likelihood that you’ll lose control when someone offers you a decadent treat.

Limit Your Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are loaded with unnecessary calories!  Typically once you start drinking, you’re more likely to let your guard down and eat a little more and/or continue drinking. In one study, people who drank just one alcoholic beverage consumed about 200 more calories in the 24 hours afterward than those who drank a juice based beverage. In addition, alcohol inhibits your ability to burn fat for 48 hours!  So think twice before you drink any alcohol while on an active weight loss program.

Always Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water. Water. Water. Water not only helps you feel full, but it keeps you from becoming de-hydrated, which can sometimes be confused with hunger.  Too often, we are eating when all our bodies actually require is water. Give yourself daily water goals to help keep track of whether you’re getting enough. If you’re at a holiday party or family get-together, try sparkling water with a twist of lemon or lime instead of alcoholic beverages. It’s a much safer alternative in more ways than just unwanted weight gain.

Be Sure to Eat Your Veggies

Try serving colorful cut up veggies or a festive salad as an appetizer at your holiday get-togethers.  When you attend parties, try to start off with a salad or half a plate of vegetables. Your plate will already be half full which means less room for more fattening entrees and desserts.  Munching on veggies while cooking is always a great strategy that will help you eat less at meal times.

Wear That Little Black Dress

If you have a little black dress (or any other outfit that looks great) that fits just right and doesn’t allow for a whole lot of give or wiggle room, we say “Wear it”!  You’ll receive tons of  compliments which will make you feel better about not over-indulging. If you don’t have a form-fitting great outfit, buy one for a special occasion this holiday season and expect to wear it.  Don’t change your mind at the last minute.  Planning to wear it is great motivation to eat healthy and follow your NuYou weight loss or weight maintenance program regardless of all the temptation around you.

Make NuYou Check In’s a Priority

Make it a point to come into the clinic all through the holiday season.  It’s especially important the day after a holiday to keep yourself on track.  Whether you followed your program to a T or not, force yourself to check in.  Always remember that we are here to support you!  We are not here to shame you or make you feel bad for the choices you’ve made.  Be sure you bring your food tracker so we can go through it together.  It will also help us make a plan going forward, for any other events or parties you may still have to attend.  Each day is an opportunity to learn what your strengths and weaknesses are so we can assure you will continue with the healthy eating and lifestyle once your goal weight is met.  If you are fearful of coming in because your weight may be up, tell yourself “Yesterday is in the past and today is a brand new day, a brand new opportunity for a healthy new me”!  Keep moving forward and lets hit that goal together!  We want you to look better, feel better and most importantly, live better!